Another new chapter to begin…

The irony of today is that today is the second post that I have made since my layoff in March 2015.  Today, I have been forced login to save my domain and renew.

There is another new chapter to begin…it begins with the drawing to a close of my beloved non-profit contract in the next few weeks, stepping down from my personal commitment to Hearts & Hammers, and embarking on a career in healthcare project management.

More to come!



And so, a new chapter begins…

Today is the dawn of a new beginning!  After 10 years, I was laid off yesterday and am embarking on a “RESTART” as my good friend Brian said.

Some words of wisdom that I have held onto in the last year:

  • Work to Live, Not Live to Work
  • What I can control is getting another job

And, today, this quote came across my email.  This is something that I will keep top of mind while I got through this journey and stay true to the RESTART opportunity that has been gifted to me.


Gratitude_2.26.2015 – Special Birthday Edition

Today is the 5th birthday of my amazing son.  BRCB came into this world at 3:20pm.  He was early, but he set the stage of what his amazing life will be with his brith.  Today’s gratitude is a special birthday edition about what I am most grateful for from 5 years ago today.

*  An amazing nurse that started the day inducing my labor – this is it!

*  For the first and ONLY time, using my pregnant belly as a shelf for my toast with grape jelly breakfast.  We had to take that as one of the keeper photos!  Super fun

*  The maternity ward – they had toast, jelly, saltines, butter…yeah, it’s still about food

*  A selfie with the hubby (in the age before Smart Phones with cameras that allowed you to do the selfie; old fashioned camera turned on us) documenting “It all started with us!”

*  My OB is the OB on schedule today!

That freaked me out that there was a potential that I would have to possibly have a different doctor.  Dr. B was there!

* Just taking it all in

I am Type A.  I am a Control Freak.  This pregnancy and the who birth process has been one that is completely and totally out of character for me.  It has been the MOST ENJOYABLE life experience, and I KNOW it is because of this.

There was no internet obsession of feelings or symptoms.  There was no crazy nesting.  We registered like we did for our wedding (much to the chagrin of the family and friends again) and planned the nursery in our typical life fashion.

We took everything in stride.  We had the BEST experience leading up to this moment.

We reflected,  We expressed gratitude,


More later in the day of additional gratitude associated to this time period 5 years ago….


*  Giving in – doctor’s orders

Went to the doctor.  Boss seems to think it’s weird that I have been sick still.  He sent me home with a low grade temperature. I didn’t log in.  I didn’t check email.

*  Sleep

Grateful for that

*  No plans

Trying to feel better.  Trying to not cancel dinner with friends.  Just laying on the couch

*  Comfort food

I love soup…clam chowder was probably not the right choice

*  The start of the weekend



*  Giving in to still being sick

Working from home helps, but the constant distraction and pull towards work has kept me from resting.  I gave in.  Stayed home

*  New considerations

I love it when you are asked to think about something you never considered before.  Not that you were convinced to, but it is nice to consider a different option

*  Kindergarten Roundup

Sounds weird.  The concept still is to me even with a kiddo who participated.  We REGISTERED FOR KINDERGARTEN.  How insane does that sound?  What an excited little B who marched right into the school and sat down to listen to the principal.  It warmed my heart most of all when a little boy turned to his dad in the row in front of us and said, “That’s B, Daddy!”  Super exciting to hear his name called out by a friend.  We ran into another friend that we always here about from school that he considers a friend.  Wow…

*  Lunch with old friends

I am having that thought that it really is important to listen, be there, and not really have to say anything profound.  But, the one thing that rings loud and clear to me – why did Chili’s take away the Awesome Blossom?!??!?!?

*  Happy to have what I have

Just that…


*  Survivor’s Remorse

I say this in relation to layoffs at work.  It’s a defense mechanism, but it is also a reality.

*  The balance in life

I will work to LIVE, not live to WORK.

*  The circle of friends

I am ever so grateful for this circle I have found.  They know who they are.  They know what they mean.

*  Take the time to consider others

This ranks right up there with Good Intentions, and it is most important to acknowledge and reach out to those who may need encouragement.  It is what I’ve said before about the little things.

*  My family

Just that today


*  Making cards

Being crafty is something I have found comforting, creative and cost-effective.  It has been  a long time.  We made Valentine’s this week.  It was fun and great to do it with a bunch of friends.

*  French fries & conversation

I am very lucky to have friends I can share this with – newer and older

*  A warm house

Grateful…just that

*  Sleep

Letting it come and ease the stress

*  Snuggle time with the B

These moments are priceless


* Work from home
I didn’t feel good today. I am grateful to be able to WFH

* Update is near
I have friends who will soon learn their fate at work. It is official that it will be tomorrow that they will now hear what the last 4 weeks of prep and planning will offer.

*  Snow

Snow truly is beautiful.  It is lovely if you can sit and watch if accumulate and fall ever so … gorgeous

*  Fried chicken

I LOVE comfort food

*  Early to bed